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Welcome to Labs of America

We are a CLIA & COLA Accredited Clinical Laboratory, which specialized in reliable Testing for Drugs of Abuse, Prescription Medications and Psychotropic & other substances. Our valued clients include healthcare providers, pain management doctors, drug rehab clinics, addiction clinics and mental health facilities. We employ the world’s most advanced technology and best practices to identify, measure and quantify the presence of prescribed medications and narcotics. Our equipment provides excellent sensitivity and timely and precise confirmation of drug levels and is used specifically for confirmation testing of CLIA waived testing.

A Dedicated, Trusted Partner - Labs of America

We are dedicated to quality service and results, competitive pricing and precise on-time test delivery. As your partner, we continuously focus on techniques and solutions to make patient lives healthier and physicians lives easier in providing care. Our highly experienced professionals remain focused on providing the highest level of individual attention to patients and clients. Our professionals are readily available to answer questions and concerns to meet your needs. Our rapid turnaround time and online portal provides quick access to results allowing you to immediately adjust your treatment plans and eliminate unnecessary treatments and tests. Our individualized approach is designed to cater directly to the varying needs of our clients, so you can optima practice/clinic growth and profitability. We are your trusted partner in providing the best patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Accurate, Reliable and Timely

We employ state-of-the-art technology in all of our laboratories to ensure delivery of the most current and accurate clinical searches to our clients. We are continually adding new technologies to meet and exceed the demands of our clients. Our approach provides reliable information in a timeframe that beats our competition. Labs of America stands committed to adding new services and laboratories to maintain our cutting edge.

Training and Education

We will provide your professional with training that will ensure that specimen collection is accurate and error free. We will also provide you with the supplies needed to enable your professional to complete the tasks with confidence and efficiency. You can relay on us as a key resource for clinical training, education and testing protocols. The operational efficiency of your practice or clinic is a top priority for us.

Client Portal

Our secure client portal will allow you to quickly access report and seamlessly communicate with our clients service representatives.