Toxicology Testing Is Changing in 2018

Urine drug screening is a common standard of care in most of the medical practices across the country.  But that is about to change.  Labs of America, in partnership with a state-of-art biotechnology, CAP-CLIA Accredited Clinical Laboratory is pleased to introduce the first empirical diagnostic that detects medications from a simple finger prick.  Now providers can know with certainty the medications that patients are actually taking.

Due to the rise of both illicit and prescription drug abuse, drug testing has become an important safety net for both the patient and the physician. As more physicians work to provide proper care to their patients and also try to avoid a lawsuit in the midst of tightening regulations on prescription medications throughout the country, the concept of drug testing, drug adherence, and drug management for their patients is becoming even more valuable.

Now there is a way to definitively identity 272 drug/metabolites across 23 definitive drug classes the cover 85% of common prescriptions, OTC usage and now included 30 illicits. 

Advantages of a finger stick blood spot over urine tox screens include:

  • Secure chain of custody
  • blood doesn’t lie
  • easy of collection, no spills in transit
  • reduced clinician liability
  • ensure continuum of care
  • improved patient medication management by minimizing potential drug-drug ADRs

The lab provided test kit conveniently provides:  Blood card & lancet, collection and handling instructions, unique bar coded supplies, 2-ply requisitions and return shipping.

This is an ideal test for primary care, geriatric, cardiology, rheumatology, nephrology, palliative care, pain mgt, psychiatry, neurology, and addiction treatment centers.  

This turnkey laboratory services includes toxicology and genetic testing, an approach that is designed to cater directly to the varying needs of your clients in order to optimize practice growth and profitability.  

I believe your clients will benefit in a big way from this test:

  • Reduce Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Improve Clinical Outcomes with optimal prescribing practices
  • Reduced Liability with compliant medication monitoring

Labs of America is now selling directly to providers through a limited number distributors. If you are interest in learning more about this revolutionary medication reconciliation test, simply complete this online registration form or call us now at 1-877-532-5516.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.